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Merge Freeze is a GitHub app that lets dev teams block PR merging at certain times of the week or during one-off situations.

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No Access To Your Code

Merge Freeze never has access to your codebase

no access to codebase

One-off Freezes

Anyone in your team can temporarily block merging

one-off github code freezes

Scheduled Freezes

Schedule recurring freezes so you can’t merge at certain times of the day, week or month.

scheduled code freezes


Access the current Merge Freeze status of your repository or trigger a freeze using our API.

code freeze API

App for Slack

Freeze your repository with a simple /mergefreeze command.

code freeze app for slack integration

Install In Seconds

Install our verified app via Oauth from the official GitHub Marketplace

code freeze install app
Slack code freeze app integration

Quickly freeze merges right inside Slack

  • ZgotmplZ Run the /mergefreeze command to view the status of your projects
  • ZgotmplZ Select which channels get notifications when someone freezes a branch
  • ZgotmplZ Freeze or unfreeze branches in just one click from right inside Slack

Don't just take our word for it...

“Merge Freeze has been very popular with the Immersive Labs engineering team!”

Mike Babb

Engineering Manager, Immersive Labs

“Merge freeze was a pure improvement over our previous process. Mostly ignored "Master lock" slack messages are now enforced and auditable, having become an actual process rather than a convention. The slack integration was the big selling point for us.”

Alec Rosenbaum

Staff Backend Engineer

“Merge Freeze has been an essential tool in an overhaul of the merge processes for our rapid release projects, and its Slack integration made it super easy for our engineers at Wave to adopt.”

Dylan Pomeroy

Senior Software Engineer, Wave

“It's very useful in controlling our deployment pipeline - 5/5!”

Tom Thorne

CTO, PepperHQ

“Mergefreeze has become second nature for us. We don't think about it, it is there and just works. It's at the sweet spot of between being visible and invisible: visible enough that we know we use it. Invisible enough that it doesn't get in the way.”

Xavier Cambar

Engineering Manager, CLARK

“Merge freeze is a great tool. It helps our team of over 80 engineers keep in sync. It makes the system more sane and lets us manage our release better. We are also in the process of integrating with your APIs through our internal app to manage everything better. We are an open source platform and we really appreciate the service you are providing.”

Somangshu Goswami

Engineering Manager, Appsmith

“Having to gate our pipeline is a pain in the ass, but at least MergeFreeze makes it simple and it just works™.”

Juan Lulkin

Lead Architect, Choco

“Merge Freeze is straightforward and simple to use, but such an impact! The initial configuration took just a few minutes. It turned a monotonous, repetitive task for multiple repos into one simple click with the batch option. My team is loving it. The Merge Freeze team was very responsive to requests and questions - they exceed expectations at every turn!”

Margaret Medon

Senior Product Manager, nCino

“Merge Freeze has massively improved communication around the Content Management System's release process, setting clear expectations across dozens of engineers in multiple groups. It's been a great enhancement to our GitHub workflows!”

Jon Peck

Director of Engineering, Insider

“Worth Every Penny. Merge Freeze is such a simple tool but it has streamlined our release cycle and prevented last minute code changes that were delaying our code releases. What we love most is that it is really simple to unfreeze a single repo or single PR that needs to be pushed but still creates visibility and accountability to the team member that did it. 5 out of five stars.”

Ryan Sherman

VP of Product, Allbound

“Merge freeze has been great for us. I really like the product and it provides a lot of value.”

Corbin Phelps

Principal Software Engineer, ObservIQ

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How do I install it?


Sign In With GitHub

We use GitHub to identify users, fetch repositories, and request Checks/Status API permissions. No access to your code, ever.


Install the GitHub app

Our GitHub app needs to be installed on at least one repository.


Add a project

Pick any number of projects from your organization that you’d like to protect with Merge Freeze, then set branch names (usually main/master).


Integrate with other apps

Add Merge Freeze to your Slack workspace, CI / build pipeline (Web API), or even the Mac Menu bar to manage your projects from any device or on-the-go.

How to install Merge Freeze

Frequently asked questions

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